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  • We are on our way

    We have purchased our tickets to South America!!  Finally, the commitment is made- the journey is now irreversibly underway.  It’s strange how those feelings of anxiety and fear seemed to somehow dissolve once we clicked the ‘Purchase Tickets’ button.  The Unknown is what restrained  my energy in a cage in the pit of my stomach.  The Committment allowed it to open.  Or switching from fearing change to accepting change.  Once you’ve accepted it and you begin taking the steps that lead you down that new path, you might find that walking the path was a whole lot less stressful than anticipating it.  Well, I hope, anyway…

    But we shall find out.  And even if this journey become one of the most painful experiences of my life, it is necessary.  I’ve known this day was to come years ago, and I never doubted that I needed to do this.  The only question was when.  And now we know.

    Now the journey can begin.


    • Terry Pollock

      Grasshopper, you just remember that fear crowds out love and vice versa!! So your fears are less because your loves are greater!! OOooh wah. Lovetap

    • Anonymous

      These thoughts are nice to hear.
      Hmmmm. I wonder what would help my belly – going forward? going back? Seems Augman says, go forward.

      RE: Charlie’s comment: “We are disturbed not by what happens to us but by our thoughts about what happens.” Epictetus, old Greek philosopher.

    • Charlie Vick

      Nothing is as bad as you anticipate. Except going to a fucking dentist.

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