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  • Don’t call it the Bob and Aug show

    Bob and Aug

    Two sexy bitches.

    I had the distinct pleasure to sit in for the somalian, Abe, on the Bob and Abe show last week. It was a slightly strange feeling to drop my thought turds on audio… but I adapted, somewhat… I think.
    You be the judge. But don’t call it the Bob and Aug show.

    Oh, and here’s a photo of bob and me at our sexiest (senior year of college), snapped just moments before he covered the parking lot with ludicrous amounts of vomit.
    Good times, bob.

    A long silence

    For those who may visit this site and see that I’m no longer keeping it up to date, here’s an brief synopsis of my current situation.

    These days I work. The Metametrix has me… again. This time we’re frantically scrambling to put the finishing vital touches on a project that’s now almost a year in the running. Less than a month now separates us from the stresses of go-live. On the one hand, I’m not too keen on working long days and weekends, but on the other hand I’m grateful for the challenge… something to distract me from my now lonely personal life.

    Then there’re the questions I’ve been rolling around of late. What am I going to do with this life? Where do I belong? How do I go about grasping success on various levels? All questions without answer.

    I have been excited about a couple things lately, though. New technologies continue to spring up that amaze and inspire. Maybe we’re finally going to mass produce fuel from alge. Or discover never-before-seen particles that prove or disprove M-theory, and give us a better understanding of gravity and our many universes. I prefer to think that we won’t create a black hole that consumes the entire planet… besides if it does happen, who’s going to be around to care?

    Other than that, I try to keep my head down and my ears up. I’m just waiting for the next blinding shock of inspiration to hit…

    I’ll be sure and let you know when it does.

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