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  • Dave kills NovelJourney; I get ready for Thailand

    My heart was throbbing intensely, standing over Dave at his terminal, as error message after error message flashed across the screen…

    Dave had deleted the entire NovelJourney database, in an attempt to move it to another, but certainly not the last, new server. He does this server-swap thing every so often, for often mysterious reasons… Boredom? Job security?

    I suspect it has something to do with reliability, redundancy, security, network segregation, capacity, performance, or any of the other IT blanket words used to confuse and distract the unwary few who venture a question or two about it.

    After all, the IT blackhole must be preserved, and at the same time, fed more and more money…

    Oh, I kid. ;) Dave did manage to recover the erased DB. So he still holds the high distinction of not having permanently deleted anything of value. Good job, Dave. I’ll dust off my IT chalice, and raise it in toast to you.

    On another note, I just purchased a ticket to Thailand. I’ll be there for three weeks, galavanting around with the pootie. Ahh… it’ll be spectacular.

    I might even blog a bit about it. We’ll see.

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