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    I’m back to the world of blogging! This time with a vengance. Let’s hope the blogosphere is accomodating…

    That’s the funny thing about the web, though. You can be assured they’ll be space for you. It’s just the matter of finding the space in your life for the web that gets tricky. I wonder what drives some people to become prolific bloggers? It’s not that hard to imagine, I suppose… the idea of conversation among all connected individuals sharing common interest, the unrestricted realm of ideas, the power of viral content, and the promise of recognition… or maybe people do it simply because they can. And by writing they discover worlds they never knew before… worlds within.

    It’s something different for everyone, I’m sure. For me, what keeps bringing me back, is the potential of a presence on the web- the faint but steady hope that someday these writings will be worth something. Not a $ value, but the value of achievement, recognition, and influence. Part of me screams that this is no worthy motivation- this is a selfish and ultimately useless motivation. But the other part, one I can’t ignore, tells me to press on with desire and accomplish what I’ve been set here to accomplish. And the whole of me waffles… today I write, what for? Who cares. Today I’ll create the product of my desire. Today I act.

    Hello, world.

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